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Why Choose Us?

Our clinic has been established longer than 3 decades. Being part of the dental private practice over the years has taught us well to cater to the demands patients from all walks of life. Our board of panels continues to be with us since the beginning as they are satisfied with the service we have provided to their employees.


The clinic has never and continues not to accept part-time dentists as part of our team as we believe in committing to our patients wellbeing by not allowing temporary doctors to check on patients, treat and leave the establishment without a proper follow-up for the patients.


When it comes to orthodontic concern, the orthodontists here have treated patients of varying age ranging from as early as 7 years old up to 60 years old to date. Every patient is unique and the need for orthodontic care may be different from one person to the next. As orthodontic treatment does affect the patient’s profile, we take serious consideration before suggesting any treatment plan (especially involving extractions) to new patients, as their final appearance with regard to the soft tissue is important to us.