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Dzul Orthodontic and Dental Surgery also known as Dzul Dental Specialists has been proudly established since 1979 as one of the earliest private dental clinic in Malaysia. The main clinic was first opened in Ampang Park Shopping Centre Kuala Lumpur and was soon joined by its extended branch in Damansara Utama.



Private dental clinics in Malaysia are regulated by Malaysian Dental Council to ensure quality in service and treatment offered to the public is up to the standards of international dental community. Our main founder and still practicing dental specialists, Dr Dzulkhaini Hj Husain himself has served as a member of the Malaysian Dental Council over the years thus patients seen and treated in our establishment is reaffirmed of high quality and attention.


Moreover, our clinic is a proud panel for many local private and government-linked companies. Our dental practice serves a board of panels who continue to be with us until today due to satisfactory results and compliance.


Since 2006, our clinic has moved into its second generation as Dr Dzulkhaini’s son Dr Anas Izwan has joined the practice making it one of the few existing family dental practice in Malaysia. As the clinic’s in-house orthodontists, Dr Anas regularly shares his thoughts, concerns and updates on orthodontic treatment performed in both Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur branch via the clinic’s facebook account. Current patients and those who are interested on orthodontics treatment and care are advised to read up articles regularly posted on the facebook page.


2017 was a difficult year for all of us as we had to bid farewell to our pioneer clinic In Ampang Park after 39 years as the land of Ampang Park is now acquired for the construction of the future MRT station. Moving to Megan Avenue I located just behind is both bitter and sweet. As it is convenient for our patients to continue seek dental treatment due to its strategic and similar location, witnessing the progress of Ampang Park demolition daily from the practice is heartbreaking. Moving on forward we are blessed to have the continuous support from our regular patients.